City and Identity within Artistic Research

An exchange project by FRISE, Hamburg

Floating Volumes #4 – Layering DiverCity
City and identity in artistic research

Conference and Exhibition
curated by Emine Şahinaz Akalın, Arne Bunk, Georg Felix Harsch and Erich Pick
Conference: 04. and 05.06.2014
Start 14:30 Uhr, Kleiner Hörsaal, Raum 229, HfbK Hamburg (free entry)

Exhibition Opening: 04.06.14, 19 h, Künstlerhaus FRISE
(End of Exhibition 18.06.2014) Opening hours Fr. – So. 16:00 – 18:00

Floating volume # 4 – Layering Diver City is the continuation of an exhibition and event series initiated in 2010, which deals with the topic of city and identity by various artistic positions.

Cities are complex, procedural and substantive structures of signs and codes, stories, and memories, productions, and intensities. Private and collective structures of urban space are organized by economic and political decisions. Space is produced by subjects and at the same time it constitutes subjects.

With the conference and exhibition now scheduled, we want to mix up and stimulate the dialog between cultural scientific and artistic approaches.

In recent years, the interplay between urbanism and identity has inspired art theory and cultural science mainly academically. But a conference organized by artists – from the point of artistic production – is a new approach. Due to artistic research approaches and artistic-scientific positions, which have been established in recent years, this revision has been (?) made possible . Within this shift  a variety of transfer processes between artistic methods and scientific approaches are taking place, raising questions of the conditions and possibilities of translations.
Our aim is to reflect critically on different types of current developments in various cities, the methods of artistic research and processes of participation in urbanenvironment. Generally, we are in charge of topics concerning repetitions and their displacements, negotiating options and their appropriations, which all can be imported and materialized through art and culture. There are four panels for lectures and presentations and one exhibition, which are supposed to mediate the dialog between the invited positions.

In addition, the conference serves as an exchange platform for different experiences of different actors in the various cities, such as Cairo, Istanbul, Hamburg, Berlin. It is supposed to enhance an international network.

Invited artists for the exhibition Floating Volumes #4, Juni 2014:

  • Jan Köchermann (Hamburg)
  • Silvina Der-Meguerditchians (Berlin)
  • Peter Boué (Hamburg)
  • Sari Palosaari (Helsinki)
  • Jens Röhm / Kathrin Wildner (Hamburg / Berlin)
  • Gartenstudio (Per Schumann, Malte Zacharias) (Berlin/ Hamburg)

Conference with lecures and presentations at the HFBK Hamburg and FRISE Künstlerhaus Hamburg

The following panels are scheduled:

Introductory lecture: Michaela Ott (Hamburg), Professor of Aesthetic theories at the Academy of Fine Arts

To Take Part and to Give Part

This panel focuses on projects, that use the city as a venue for design-participation in terms of architecture and cultural life and asking  for possibilities  to rededicate places and spaces.
Under this heading, forms of street art and street games, participation of development in architecture and urban culture, and the initiation of cultural projects are presented and their political content are discussed.

Capital Stories

In a second panel, the focus is shifted from current urban processes to their stories and histories. Especially, historical upheavals seem interesting to us, because they indicate the conditions of production of new and old formation of codes and capital and its materialization.

Layers Instead of Stories

In another panel, we want to discuss modes and traits of subjectivation and their processes within the city. Personal memories and intersubjective narratives are deposited and be inherent in certain places. By these places, subjects are constituted as well they raise questions concerning of its identity.

Self-Appropriation and Rezoning

This panel wants to investigate the role of spaces of cultural production within cities. We want to discuss positions of artists within urban processes to self-determination and assigning. Artistic and cultural projects with different degrees of  institutionalization will get into a dialogue.